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So in less pretentious words: so I was very busy the last few months, and the instance at where I was last active seems pretty dead. So I set up my own instance.

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> Software becomes quasi-cause of software. These are echoes of the same voices in a positive feedback loop, growing louder and less coherent with each cycle—garbage in, garbage out, a thousand times over.

#software #foss

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Actual armadillo species names:
- beautiful armadillo
- giant armadillo
- greater naked-tailed armadillo
- pink fairy armadillo
- hairy long-nosed armadillo
- big hairy armadillo
- screaming hairy armadillo
- pichi

twilight zone concept: during sixteen days, all (non-PRNG) random number generators return the exact same value each time, then go back to outputting your regular scheduled nonsense... or do they?

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Could this example from 1990 be the oldest documented example of keysmashing in frustration? (Alternative explanation: it's not just Greeking that nobody expected people would have high enough resolution to read.)

Source, PDF:
Source, HTML:

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"continuum larger than aleph 0" factoid actualy just statistical error. Cantor Georg, who lives in cave & eats up to aleph_1 numbers each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

My previous mass-media appearance was a nearly naked photograph in the most-read children's magazine in the country.

Must have been about a year ago now that I appeared on right-wing TV.

Reporter, shoving a microphone in my face: "So, what are we angry about today?"
Me: "Well, it's all the fault of big Capital."
Reporter: "Ooh, The Big Capital?"
Me: "Yes, what you said but unironically."


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useful phrase to know in Japanese (apparently) 

covid-19 linguistics nonsense 

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cursed shebang 

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Oft nehme ich Dinge zu wörtlich. Schön das ich damit scheinbar nicht alleine bin.

alternatively: if the tutorial was so good, why didn't they make a voustorial?

if the tutorial was so good, why didn't they make threetorial?

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