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An introductions post, since I've got a bunch of new followers in the last couple of weeks (hello everybody!)

By day, I do computer verification of in the Lean prover, by night I do . When there isn't a plague going around, I like in nature and befriending . I also know a bit of .

I really like explaining concepts — feel free to ask any question (esp. mathematics / theoretical comp sci). Replies to toots are always welcome.

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(of course, my gender is just a temporary situation until my Glorious Lisp OS-powered Robot Body finally is usable in daily life!)

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ME, ONE YEAR AGO: this mexican party is good, but it has... how can one say ... too many people? there are in fact, only so many people one can dance with in the course of a party. I think I'm right in saying that, aren't I?

MY WIFE: this is absurd!

ME: my dear, don't take it too hard. it's quality celebrating. there are simply too many people. just remove a few, and it will be perfect.

MY WIFE: which few did you have in mind?

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@cadadr Did you see they also attempt to redefine the following things for little reason:
mathematical notation, including "procedures" (why not just S-expressions?):
calendars, including work/free days:
modal propositional logic (why not just become intuitionist?):

Water possum is a little screaming guy with enormous hands. A+++

@behold3r especially when there's a hellbrand that's just a word that already existed and is used in non-brand ways.

the hardest part of using a phone is having to remove capitalization everytime you type in any brand name

silly cosmic horror thoughts 

things that are on the edge of making sense tend to be funny so i'm sure the affairs of cosmic entities, if viewed at the right level of abstraction and with the right presentation, would be hilarious to us

who's to say weird gmod videos aren't representations of those affairs, with familiar video game assets substituted for actors and settings too far removed from our sphere of existence to represent to us in a more meaningful way

Miss Mister, a bigender superhero with the power of sensing when plants are uncomfortable and increasing the humidity

slight she-ra spoilers 

so apparently Amazon is trying to take over Rust

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hi @haskal, did you know that in Germany they have the degree Dr rer nat?

unfortunately the Dr does not stand for dragon :(

slight she-ra spoilers 

so apparently Amazon is making a new live-action she-ra series

Wait, no, you would be able to detect the difference (or the `=' relation is no longer transitive): start with one generic function, then add a method returning `0' in a specific case, then take the original and add a method returning `1' in that specific case. So new0 = original = new1, but they return different values.

hmm hmm hmm.

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Hmm, how evil would it be to have the new generic function returned by `generic:add-method' compare as equal to the original, even though it has more methods? 🤔

(In particular, you wouldn't quite be able to detect the difference in side-effect-free code, since the difference is one throws less errors than the other.)

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Now a big question is: should I make (generic) functions mutable objects, which means adding a method in one process can mess up another process, or rebind the name to a new generic function each time we add a method, causing slight identity crises?

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I have macros working in my Lisp, and used them to implement `add-method!', which I then used to implement `rest' parameters. And it only took 2 weeks of flailing about in confusion about what was supposed to be calling what!


... just realized that "waso" in toki pona is derived from french "oiseau"

french spelling should be thrown in the trash tbh

I need a day between every day to recover from the day before and to prepare for the day after.

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