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concept: Vrije Universiteit, but it's dedicated to the Germanic goddess of love, beauty and fertility Vrije

Of course everyone hated that name because the U already stands for university. So now it's just the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in English and in Dutch.

Doesn't stop people thinking it's the University of Vrije.

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Fun fact: The Free University Amsterdam was renamed to VU University Amsterdam because there were too many international students who thought they didn't have to pay anything to study there. (allegedly!)

joke about racist algorithms 

our algorithm can't be racist! many of its most important boxes are black!

concept: movie set in Ancient Rome, but instead of everyone inexplicably speaking in Received Pronunciation, they have Italian-American accents

emoji were invented to stop the emoticon+parenthesis spelling debate

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(observe how the Linux style guide melds emoticon and parenthesis :-)

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Hardware needed for running linux:
- 386 AT
- VGA/EGA screen
- AT-type harddisk controller (IDE is fine)
- Finnish keyboard (oh, you can use a US keyboard, but not
without some practise :-)


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