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An introductions post, since I've got a bunch of new followers in the last couple of weeks (hello everybody!)

By day, I do computer verification of in the Lean prover, by night I do . When there isn't a plague going around, I like in nature and befriending . I also know a bit of .

I really like explaining concepts — feel free to ask any question (esp. mathematics / theoretical comp sci). Replies to toots are always welcome.

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my stance on definitional equality is my stance on genders, either there should be no defeq at all, or anything you want can be defeq

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GRAND FINAL of the Axiom of Choice of Choice Award 2022. The tie-break match had no clear winner, so the tie is broken in favour of our intuitionist candidate on the basis of its total wins and its total votes.

Pick your favourite equivalent of the axiom of choice out of the options below:

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(of course, my gender is just a temporary situation until my Glorious Lisp OS-powered Robot Body finally is usable in daily life!)

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actually true info 

ergo comes from the Latin word ergo, meaning "I erg"

@juliana @nisima Cato the Elder was kind of a huge fucking asshole. Carthage was badass as hell and it's a goddamn shame how the Punic Wars turned out. 😢

wow, never thought i'd get to be LIDDED MACARONI! this is great!

you know how there are patent professionals who straddle the worlds of engineering and law? i don't know what an engineer-psychotherapist looks like, but this company would be way more efficient with some floating around

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Imagine a cyberpunk world where cybernetics are as gatekept as hormones are for trans people (they probably would be, realistically)

Crypto fun fact of the day:
Double ROT13 is actually no more secure than single ROT13 because of a meet-in-the-middle attack. Use triple ROT13 instead.

Hello, do you reboot/power off your computer at least once a day? Are you american?

10: Idea for a perfect date 

DD/MM/YYYY. Other formats are a bit confusing, unless its {Month} DD, YYYY.

Last night I woke up.
Last night I woke up between my bookshelf and my plants. It was 3 AM.
Someone was lightning my books.
A lamp aimed at their direction.
As bright as daylight, I could have been reading them.

I was confused until I turned my head and looked out of my balcony doors.
It was the full moon right outside the balcony.
She was smiling and waving and she told me to great you.
She said: hey.

She said: Nice books.

@owl Oh wow.

"The British Council claims that 25 percent of the world's population has some understanding of English."

And that's the highest percentage in the article.


wow, never thought i'd get to be UNRELATED INTRIGUE! this is great!

don't do symbolic thought.

it starts out innocently enough. you realize, "oh, i can conceptualize the past." then it's, "oh, i can conceptualize the *future*!" then, "oh, i can signify material objects and realities!"

next thing you know, you're sitting in front of some fucked up rock and fossils for hours at a time staring at blinking lights *and enjoying it*

would you like to see some rats giggling (via a bat detector) when tickled and the chasing after a human's hand to be tickled some more? 

surely letting tech people come up with analogies was a bad idea because every time it either turns into "haha cables. this is just like sex" or "haha cables. this is just like slavery"

boost this whenever u see an uncaptioned post on ur timed line

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