Captain Haddock Scale of Weeks: When you say "what a week huh", let t be the time (in days) since Monday midnight, then the week counts as e/t degrees Haddock.

So if you say "wat a week huh" on Wednesday afternoon at exactly 17:14:20, the week counts as one degree Haddock. A nice week, where you say "what a week huh" on Sunday evening, is 0.4 degrees Haddock, Tuesday morning at 8:37:10 is 2 degrees, Monday morning at 8:09:17 is 8 degrees and 100 degrees happens Monday 39 minutes after midnight.

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This week has scored about 1.38 degrees Haddock for me.

what a week huh


Scientists hypothesise that there may exist Haddock readings below zero, where you end up saying "what a week huh" before the week has even started.

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