A rudimentary window manager is starting to take shape! Still a couple of bugs in the "generic window" code, which seem to be related to the receive-message-and-pattern-match implementation.

Improvements, fixes and new features in: the editor, spans, compositor, pattern-matching, lists, dynamic variables, starting processes, the usb driver and memory allocation.

Fixed some more issues with pattern-matching and a couple miscalculations in the window manager. Now you can open a window in code, and move it around using keyboard shortcuts!

Hooked up process spawning, window management and `eval' to the editor, now you can do a bit of computation 🎉

(The editor doesn't yet know about capital letters so I used the `[]' keys for inserting parentheses, the `;' key for writing a `:', and wrote out `plus' instead of typing `+'.)


Next step is probably to improve the default (and as of now, only) error handler, changing it from, essentially, `(fn (condition) (kernel:panic!))' to something that pops up a window without bringing down the entire system.

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