when you press the keyboard shortcut to close a window, it should

@Vierkantor macOS's Finder is annoying because you can't close it with the Command-Q shortcut or hide it with the Command-H shortcut. Instead, you have to press Command-W to close it.

I used to use Windows before I got a Mac, and I could use Alt + F4 to close everything.

The best compromise for me, that saves time, is to not close any apps and just log out of the computer when I'm done.

@vital876 That's an interesting perspective! I grew up with Mac OS (before there even was an X in the name). Back then, the Finder was very different from other programs like a text editor, so not being able to quit made sense. I definitely see how it does not make much sense nowadays.

@Vierkantor I just read your post, by the way. I spent this whole time writing that.


@vital876 no worries! I happened to already know this, but I'm sure someone else can learn something when they scroll through.

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