$ uname -a
Linux sipeed 5.4.61 #8 PREEMPT Thu Jun 3 03:59:01 UTC 2021 riscv64 GNU/Linux

(ignore the date/time, still figuring out how the wifi works!)

the touchscreen I got for the raspberry pi is apparently incompatible (mode 16 not supported), but I found another monitor that works well.

still haven't figured out why wifi doesn't want to work. it seems the kernel can't init the generic wifi driver:

[ 14.757192] ======== XRADIO WIFI OPEN ========
[ 14.762151] ieee80211_init failed (-12)!

error 12 is ENOMEM, which AFAICT can only be returned from this line: github.com/torvalds/linux/blob

(this is still with the original image on the SD card, next thing I'm trying is to install the updated image)

huh, I dd'd the "debian-hdmi-card.img" file to the SD card, but it turns out this is actually Tina Linux :S

at least the wifi works on that card!

the Pi screen is still incompatible :(

[ 377.090130] HDMI cable is connected
[ 377.980335] error: invalid cea_vic code:0
[ 377.984973] [HDMI2 error]: sink do not support this mode:0

Managed to install the 32 GB image onto a 16 GB SD card! Here's how I did it (watch out: don't do these commands without being very sure what they do, or they will travel in time and delete your un-backupped thesis right before you submit it!)

* Use losetup to mount the image; partprobe to find all partitions
* Open with (g)parted, shrink and move partitions to the left half of the card. fsck partition 5 for good measure

* Use truncate to cut the file down to 16 GiB
* Using fdisk or gdisk, fix the missing backup GPT table
* Run partprobe followed by fsck again just to be sure
* dd everything to the sd card and boot the nezha


Hello World, from the Nezha via Brutaldon on Lynx!

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