I'm wondering what counts as a selfie to you. Tick the boxes below to indicate when a picture is still a selfie, even if:

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@Vierkantor it is only then not a selfie if you're not photographing yourself

@schratze I don't know! Wiktionary claims "Could you take a selfie of me?" is also considered acceptable by some:

@Vierkantor yeah this usage is acceptable for some. Just personally for me it doesn't make any sense

Way too many words for something that doesn't need them 

@Vierkantor I checked 1 and 4 only, here's my reasoning:

When I hear "selfie" I think of "self", as in, a picture of myself. If my face is out of frame, it's still myself, just a different part. If there's multiple people, it's not really a picture "of myself" (could be a picture "of ourselves" depending on how close we are I guess?). If it's on accident it might TECHNICALLY count but the word would feel misleading, because it wasn't taken with the intention of being a selfie. And if it's a drawing, well, it can still be myself!

That's just my interpretation of course, and it might not line up with the way most people see it.

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