Anyone in Toronto interested in a 1984 Mac 512K? Free, as-is. Pickup only, East York. It's just light enough to carry on transit.

I kinda need to know whether to hang onto it or Got Junk it by tomorrow, and I'll only be around till the 1st to give it away.

Boosts OK.


@giltay @SuricrasiaOnline, aren't you in the Toronto area? you seem like the kind of entity that would rescue a 1984 Mac from the trash and give it a good, albeit mildly haunted, home.

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@Vierkantor @SuricrasiaOnline The computers are mildly haunted already, so it would be a good match! (I have a couple of offers, though, so they might be spoken for before Blackle wakes up.)

@giltay @Vierkantor unfortunately I'm out of toronto for the week, so someone will probably get it before me!

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