why do they call it the oven when you ov in the cold food of out hot food for eating

@t54r4n1 good question; Wiktionary says ultimately from Proto-Germanic *uh(w)naz "oven", itself "probably" from PIE *aukw- “cooking pot”


@earthtopus @t54r4n1 why do they call it *aukw- when you *h₂epó *h₁én the *gel- *peh₂- *h₂epó *úd *kay- *h₁ed- the *peh₂-

@Vierkantor Favourited for the idea, trusting you on the accuracy.

@samgai source: for each word I took the first PIE stem listed in Wiktionary's etymology section. most of them look plausible enough to me, except "*kay-" which is the only one that doesn't have an entry on Wiktionary; the Online Etymology Dictionary says "of uncertain origin [...] could be from a substratum word".

@samgai (I was too lazy to bother with declensions, as you can tell by still seeing the '-'s there. Hopefully this annoys an actual linguist enough that they supply the correct sentence in PIE.)

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