infohazard; big screenshot with a lot of text (transcription in several replies)

[transcription continues:]
nutters-clutter posted:

To anyone who is confused:
[a series of pictures with text changing colours, some parts underlined, all in comic sans.]
brain is Adaptive, Flexible
experience-dependent plasticity
teaching neurons new tricks
[three greebles; three human faces]
[an illustration of a cat; a point with lines radiating in all directions]
[same cat in front of a lined background; now lines radiate in only a few directions from the point]

[a bar chart plotting "firing rate": before training, the value for greebles is very small and for human faces is very big; after training both values are very similar. in particular the firing rate is noticeably lower for human faces after training]

[faces; objects; greebles: 8 faces of a monkey making various expressions; a vase, a sea shell, a door knocker and a CRT monitor; 4 greebles that i am unable to identify]

(a) [a greeble with various sticky-outy-parts identified as "boges", "quiff" and "dunth" respectively"]

(b) ["pimo", a plok samar greeble with "pimo's quiff" in 3 different cases: "isolated parts" (two distinct little blobs), "studied configuration" (two greebles looking like pimo with different quiffs), "transformed configuration" (now pimo's boges are also different, along with the quiff)]

[a heatmap of Z-scores/fixation bias ranging from "EA observers" to "WC observers" for three images: "human faces", "sheep faces", "greebles" for "learning" and "recognition". "significant fixation areas delimited by white borders".

for humans and sheep, the eyes and mouth have more WC, the nose more EA. for greebles, the quiff and to a lesser extent the dunth has WC, while the area in between quiff and dunth, and the area underneath the boges, is more EA]

[nutters-clutter wrote below these images:]
Hope this clears things up.

lordascapelion posted:
Aah, so it's like that, huh. I understand everything now. (Doesn't get it at all)

twerkyvulture posted:
i'm sorry, does that graph suggest that..... a human brain becomes WORSE at recognizing faces if trained to recognize greebles?

pulmonary-poultry posted:
". you know what? fuck you *greebles your facial recognition*"

It was a crime to hide this

[final transcription note: greebles look exactly like fat little magenta goblins with dicks. sorry, dunths]

@Vierkantor I would simply move EA into the WC where it belongs.

@Vierkantor At first, I thought that this was just some random nonsense humour, but now that I started reading it and understanding it, it actually feels worse.

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