In this episode of Star Trek TNG, Geordie and Ro die in a teleporter mishap and turn into ghosts, thus confirming the existence of ghosts in Star Trek canon

If I was travelling on a spaceship, I would simply never use the teleporter. Sure, you can just crash and die in a shuttle accident. The teleport is probably much safer. But there is a one in a billion chance that something goes wrong and you either enter the dimension where everyone is a fascist, you turn into a ghost and can watch people plan your funeral, or you discover a whole other world of existential horror

Why does nothing good ever come out of a teleporter mishap? Why can't my signal get lost on the way back from a Romulan research vessel and I enter the parallel universe where the crew of the Enterprise is a polycule of anarchist catgirls


@schratze "transporter mistake is bad" factoid is actualy wrong. transporter accident geordi who lives in an enterprise is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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