"the Indonesian word for water is air" has the same power as "the Mbabaram word for dog is dog"


* "beter" means "better" in Dutch and "worse" in Turkish
* English "much" and Spanish "mucho" mean the same thing and are completely unrelated
* "presunto" is Portugese for "ham" and Spanish for "alleged", so certain bilingually labled foods taste like ham, allegedly
* 山 (yama) is Japanese for “mountain” and я́ма (yama) is Ukranian/Russian/Bulgarian/Belarusian for 'hole in the ground"
* German "haben" and Latin "habere" mean the same thing and are completely unrelated

@Anscarix Hmm, it might have been a number of years since I lived in Spain but I did double-check using Wiktionary/Wikipedia to make sure I got the details right:
* presunto is (a type of) ham in Portuguese: pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presunto
* presunto is Spanish for "alleged", seems to have the same meaning in Italian: dle.rae.es/presunto?m=form dictionary.cambridge.org/dicti

@Vierkantor sorry yes you're right, it's Portuguese, I mix all of them lol, excuse me 😘

@Anscarix be careful not to mix up words between languages, or you'll be embarazado! 😁

@Vierkantor btw It's much more fun that Sinistra in Italian that means left in English sounds like Sinister or Siniestro 🤪

@Vierkantor btw I found very funny that can't and cunt sound very very close in English


Svensk "roligt" = "fun, humorous"
Nosrk, Dansk "roligt" = "calm, placid"

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