when a piece of software is described as "modern" it tells you nothing about the software, but it tells you something about the person doing the describing.


@technomancy * Early modern software (written after 1500)
* Late modern software (written after 1800)
* Contemporary software (written after 1945)

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@Vierkantor @technomancy

The classification is utterly incorrect. Correct:

1. Early Outdated Modern Software: AD LXX - AD MCMLXX
2. Classic Modern Software: AD MCMLXVIII - AD MCMXL
3. Modern Modern Software: AD MCMLXXVII - AD MCMXCIX
4. Postmodern Modern Software: AD MM - AD MMX
5. UltraPostHuman Modern Software: AD MMX - AD MMXXII
1. Of course there must be overlap b. categories
2. All Software is Modern
3. Destroy All Software

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