Dutch government propaganda, Chile 

The NOS is really outdoing itself in its propaganda role with their article about the vote for the new Chilean constitution, full of:

  • people in favour of reform all live in squalor with dogs fighting in the street over garbage bags
  • pinochet was a dictator but at least he made line go up
  • interview with one of the only conservative members elected to the council, who said that it was "traumatic" how left wing the council was
  • think of the poor corporations' feelings now that they can't refuse drinking water to poor people
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Dutch government propaganda, Chile 

@Vierkantor looks like (similar to UK) they still have their neoliberal propaganda unit (also I'm sure Beijing is quietly using transmitters in NL on a commercial basis to broadcast on shortwave, as I looked at Agentschap Telecom website and NL still has its HF allocations but CRI appears on all the former RNW Hilversum frequencies, and it looks like AT will let anyone use an HF TX there if they pay enough Euros..)

re: Dutch government propaganda, Chile 

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