eventjes lubach gekeken over de transgenderwet. hij is weliswaar nogal een lib maar deze is redelijk goed te doen: yewtu.be/watch?v=VgDWuJjaqok

(wel beetje jammer hoe binair het gepresenteerd wordt...)


I like how the real reason we still have a gender (sex) marker in passports is that it would be too much work to update all the software. Namely, I'm sure the collective of stereotypical trans girls can work out a deal where the government supplies the programmer socks and we fix their systems.

@Vierkantor Let me guess, paid good money for a binary blob that only runs on some crusty old proprietary OS, and to update it someone must reverse engineer it, the company that produced it doesn’t exist any more. “Ideally” producing another blob in the end, so that they can be held hostage by a new corp. Hehehe great business move.

@owl also iirc flight bookings was one of the first networked computer applications ever, so i'm sure all those systems are hacks upon hacks upon hacks

@Vierkantor do you know the reason why there are gender marker in passports to begin with?

@owl @Vierkantor no, it's people in the sixties, who were wearing no clearly gender confirming fashion and had no clearly gender confirming hair style, daring to take flights.

it's essentially a measure in the tradition of anti transvestite laws

(which the Nazis had, and everyone in the middle ages up to… Well, sometimes quite recently)

@meena @Vierkantor Maybe that’s why our gods got cancelled and replaced with the christian one, they were cross-dressing (and trans-gendering)

@owl @Vierkantor maybe, but another reason is that you can't conquer a people without destroying their culture

@Vierkantor getting the entire world to go along with that would be a challenge, i suspect...

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