Are you really a Gamer if your computer doesn't even use 45% of electricity in your household?

Well that is something new: I just managed to crash i3.

maybe the font doesn't quite work correctly on my machine after all!

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ec (bird/human) 

An amazing photo. Don't just take my word for it, here are some other reviews:

"The moment I saw this woman I was completely overcome with the feeling that she was, at that moment, somehow divorcing me."

"She’s in the stage after the one where she walks in wearing one of those feather trimmed robes to tell the detective how worried she is, he didn’t come home last night, etc., etc."


food (vegetarian) 

This trans day of visibility, can I offer you a scoop of ice cream?

(Testosterone flavour sold out 😔)

gameing: mined craft 

Without looking at tutorials, I managed to figure out a 3x3 piston door plus combination lock!

Iemand in de wijde omgeving van Utrecht die een oude (kapotte) beeldbuismonitor of -TV kwijt wil? Ik ben op zoek naar de plastic buitenkant, de beeldbuis zelf hoeft er dus niet bij (mag wel).

Op Marktplaats en in de kringloopwinkels heb ik alleen nog werkende apparaten gevonden, en het zou zonde zijn om ze te slopen!

gameing: mined craft 

spending some time not thinking about my article by placing blocks. now at about 2/3rds of the pyramid!

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