Could this example from 1990 be the oldest documented example of keysmashing in frustration? (Alternative explanation: it's not just Greeking that nobody expected people would have high enough resolution to read.)

Source, PDF:
Source, HTML:

With some tweaks to the sensitivity, you can talk over the transmission and it will still arrive intact!

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Update on FFT shenanigans: I can now send data through audio. (Frequency-shift keyed Manchester code: low-high is 1, high-low is 0. In the spectrogram, the range for low and high data is marked by the background colours. The green bar on the left indicates the pre-clock interval, the red bar is waiting for the clock and the blue bar is the bit being received.)

This is what you get when you FFT the first couple of kilobytes of the pdflatex executable.

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This morning I didn't encounter the usual group of , but they were there in the afternoon! The biggest and bravest of them stood close enough for a good picture. I think I will call it Alexei.

What I spent the last few days on: DIY'ing a mesh network system that tries to ensure privacy, security while allowing nodes to move around.

(It doesn't deal well at all with one-time failures, but the visualisation looks pretty neat!)

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