I am pleased to announce to this timeline that Mount Carmel has fallen to the Cinghiale

food (sugary), kinda misinfo 

Did you know that in Mexico, you're only allowed to put cartoon mascots on cereal boxes if the cereal contains at least 10% fresh mascot?

i was kinda looking forward to seeing the ridiculous names the commenters were talking about but no, they are solidly unremarkable for a Dutch (or Belgian) classroom...

recensie van een advertentie 

De cursus daytraden heeft ook zin in de Pride blijkbaar! Wel jammer dat de laatste regel is weggevallen (of doen ze het expres een beetje knullig?)

just built the most expensive tram line of Europe in Minecraft :D

(it's the Uithoflijn, going from Utrecht central station to the university campus, and it cost about half a billion euros, that's over €64 thousand per metre!)

have been looking for this picture for a couple of hours now, finally found it!

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