Implemented a debugger process: whenever a process encounters an unhandled condition, it asks the debugger what to do. In this case, the debugger says "pop up a window describing the issue, then stop running."

Hooked up process spawning, window management and `eval' to the editor, now you can do a bit of computation 🎉

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everyone makes fun of the english for having bad food while the dutch invent a gray slurry made from cow milk and sugar and call it "dropkwark"


This is my world about 180 hours into Factorio + all the mods (78 of them apparently). I am almost ready to start red circuit production!

did you know: if you print this picture as ASCII-art, you will actually summon me

After many weeks of work and breaking my head trying to understand the USB specification, I managed to make a list of the devices that are attached 🎉

For example, in my fictional universe of "Syayiige" the evil empire's supporters are called "tdikyies" who obey their despot's commands of "sndige".

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Here is it running (badly, with half of the features not working!) on real hardware:

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