spanish trans people when they have to kill all of their 67 names

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@Me_but_lewd thanks! the problem is more the runtime representation of objects than in-compiler. the compiler is an extremely simple tree-traversing one so I guess it counts as classical?

relevant source:
* main part of the compiler
* memory design:

osdev / compilerdev 

it would be neat if every object got some sort of metadata pointer (basically corresponding to the internal dict in Python), but where would it fit? we currently have 2 words of object header and objects are aligned on a 2-word boundary so suddenly we'd have 6 words per cons instead of 4...

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osdev / compilerdev 

🤔 i want to add metadata about functions (for pointers to source code, relocations, etc.) but my garbage collector can't deal with objects containing pointers mixed together with non-pointer data, and it's very convenient that I can call a function by just jumping to the address of the object. so should i make external tables of function metadata (hard to synchronize between multiple processes), or somehow hack the pointer into the function code?

A sci-fi third-person RPG about the present day would be called "Field Effect"

judging places for now on by the criteria “are the cat ears safe”

hypothetical violence to animals 

the pigeonhole principle states: if you drill n+1 holes in n pigeons, then there must be at least 1 pigeon with at least 2 holes.

me, checking trees for dutch elm disease: hoi! hoe gaat het?

tree: goed, met jou?

me: *sadly draws axe*

"Por favor no alimente a los cocodrilos con sus hijos, sin importar cuán mal se porten"

@keith no you read it wrong: you're only an annearchist if you are anne and install arch

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Anne Baanen, aggressive mechanizer's choices:


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