the garbage collector goes through a whole collection cycle without causing kernel panics 🎉

(now I just have to fix the other processes crashing)

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my local supermarket is out of cheese because they got hacked, yes this is an actual thing

@samgai well, the islands need to have a hole in the middle, otherwise they can't surround anything :P

@natecull @urusan @clacke Am I allowed to say "Lisp did it first"? Lisp 1.0 a compiler and somewhere between 1.5 and Maclisp, it got DEFSTRUCT, so at least 40 years ago. (See

@syntacticsugarglider @natecull @mithrandir if i get a time machine the first thing i'm doing is going back to right after the first world war and convince Brouwer to just use any other word for his philosophy of mathematics

Is it

@easrng non-native speaker: "infodumping at" and "infodumping to" are both acceptable, with different meanings. "at" implies the infodump is less successful than "to". I guess it's like "talk at" vs. "talk to", or "swing at a ball".

(or the usb driver's strategy of "ensure this buffer occupies a continuous section of virtual memory, by allocating a buffer the size of 2 memory pages and carving out a page-aligned section in the middle". for each send/receive operation. that could also be it.)

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(one thing I should optimize soon: function arguments are currently passed as a linked list on the heap. can't test it yet, because the GC is broken, but that is probably the worst garbage generator.)

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update: movement commands in the editor are starting to work, but my "write the simplest possible implementation, then come back to optimize it" approach is starting to cause out of memory within one (1) minute

so: time to (re)activate the garbage collector

so: time to actually debug the garbage collector now that garbage is being produced

so: time to crash, a lot

bad conlanging idea: a phonemic inventory containing /🅱/

who is this emmanuel character anyway and why does everyone like their pins so moch?

worse conlang idea: invent an international language where words are optimized to sound dirty to as many people as possible, then rename all theorem provers to words in this language

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possessives are marked by a suffix /nə/, which triggers /u/ → /o/ and /i/ → /e/ ablaut in the root. 1.SG-POSS-ACC "my (accusative)" becomes /penəs/

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YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

probably get some /u/ → /o/ ablaut going on, to offend the spanish too

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