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@chloekek OEIS sequence proposal: 2, 4, 22, 4, 42, 4, 222, 4, 42, 4, 422, 4, 42, 4, ...

what do you get when you combine a linux nerd and a math rock nerd 


"Please, get on the bus, and put this blindfold on.", the guide/announcer said, inviting the elite of the elite to a secret gathering, far and deep in the continental mountains.
After 5 hours, the bus came to a stop, the passengers were invited to remove their blindfolds, and step off the bus.
"Welcome to our organization's secret base. It was built 2 years ago with state-of-the-art technology, and is currently being targeted by spies, hence the blindfolds and security."
"Erm, excuse me", a random invitee exclaimed. "But we're on a road that's just off the main mountain road that separates this region and that region. I know because of that milestone, which tells you exactly where you are, since it says how far away you are from the previous and next points the road connects to. They're only found between these 2 regions. I've even been here before when I played Geoguessr."
"God damn it, who invited a Geoguessr player to a top secret organizational meeting?"

I think a lot about the go grandmaster who, after witnessing AlphaGo constantly play the kinds of gleaming-insight moves that most people make once or twice in a lifetime, uttered in despair “there is not a human alive who has touched the edge of the truth of go”

"Mozilla does not recognize this certificate issuer" well I don't recognize YOU, Mozilla, how about that?

"anything but X" actually means "not X", but "all but X" means "almost X"


Greeble opinion 

Instead of two genders and five families, there should be five genders and two families, like in Romeo and Julia

Gender, shitpost 

queering the plok-glip-binary

there's this new dangerous fad going around in cyberspace... could YOUR CHILDREN be turning into The Greebles? our special report on the dangers of "the fediverse" tonight at nine.

@schratze i can feel my brain losing its ability to recognise faces lol

@schratze ploksimar and ploktasio! very different

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