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fellow enbies! i have a poll. please share it with ur enby pals so we can collect information

#osdev update 

Some recent fixes in the Lisp-Ish Machine Attempt OS:

* protect memory allocation with a semaphore, making it somewhat more multiprocess friendly (TODO: separate regions per-process so it doesn't hang when you do certain syscalls while in the protected section)
* add missing `pop' instruction which caused a kernel thread to jump back to boot-time initialization, making it very confused about what was going on
* ensure all compiled-in memory regions are marked as such

Confession: I became a Free Software supporter directly due to minecraft mod drama.

@trickster My computer has 250 kilobibles of storage running at 10 gigamonks.

A quick google search says it would take a monk about 15 months to copy the Bible, so if you could average two bibles per day with a Gutenberg press, that would be about 1.5 kilomonks.

re-watching Avatar: the Last Airbender. somehow, each language I speak manages to have one character with an annoying voice. currently contemplating making a program that switches between dubs based on which character is speaking

@cwebber big lambda selling lambda's cheap so they can upcharge you on the function applications

why doesn't the scp foundation simply become the rsync foundation? no more containment breaches, since rsync correctly handles escaping


hot take: the US election is good because all across the political spectrum people are united in being disappointed at the results

When no one was looking, Lex Luthor took forty cakes. He took 40 cakes. That's as many as negative one (modulo 41). And that's fantastic.

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gonna start believing in utilitarianism with the utility function taking values in GF(2^8) or ℚ(πi) or ℝ(x₀, x₁, ...)

USPOL, shitpost 

.. With slight falls of suet puddings over the ranges. And now for our political correspondent in America, Sir George Hobsley-Toffington. George, could you explain for our viewers what exactly is happening in the election? Have they... won.. yet?

Thanks Steve. Well to sum up, American politics is a game of two halves, the team that scores the most runs gets their winger over the goalpost, but right now I believe the lead horse is stuck in the rough and may need to castle a rook.

uspol, as summarised in our household 

"ay, los gringos..."

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