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if a sentence gets too long and meandering you simply turn part of it between parentheses, part between em-dashes and part in a footnote.

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Happy new year to all of us in UTC+1:00! 🥳 May the new year bring what you missed this year!


The debug console doesn't seem to want to work very well today...

the linux fox and the linux penguin are both trans and they're dating

boring: grows exponentially
scoring: crows, exponentially

i mean, there's even a non-trivial exponent involved in quadratic growth, what more do you want?!

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my favourite use of "exponential" meaning "very quickly" is the article i read recently that said "there's an exponential increase: the number grows quadratically"

cool how during 2020 'exponential' has just become a generic term to mean "very" or "importantly" or "especially" or "definitely". i think pretty soon its gonna join 'phat' and 'bodacious' and 'gnarly' and 'hoopy' or whatever

philosopher of mathematics, alive: God made the natural numbers, man made the rest.

the LORD of Hosts, Author of Creation and God of Yisroel, sitting on the Throne of Judgement: I Just Want To Make One Thing Clear. *gestures at the natural numbers, who shuffle nervously* I Did Not Make These Horrible Gremlins. I Do Not Know How They Got In Here. I Wish They Would Leave.

tech griping 

(qemu) xp/512a 0x3000
invalid char in format: 'a'
Try "help xp" for more information
(qemu) help xp
xp /fmt addr -- physical memory dump starting at 'addr'

thanks, that's useless!

@Vierkantor If you think about it, that means there's some intense parallelization going on.

In other words: a ribosome transcribes at about 0.12 kilomonks.

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Please stop naming things with the acronym ML, I'm already plenty confused with Meta Language (the language) and metalanguage (the concept) and Marxism–Leninisim (the ideology) and machine learning (the field) and markup language (the category of languages) and

epic covid rant & europe 

I was never happy about how most of Europe handled covid, but with the vaccines on the way I thought there will be time to talk about it once we're over this.

But with the increased certainty that the mutation in the UK/SA results in higher transmission, it's time to unload: Europe, EU countries and the EU itself fucking failed.

Europe could have pursued a zero-covid strategy, it would have worked and we'd be back to normal lives already. Instead...

Its been like 5 years or so and this comic edit from Tumblr still lives rent free in my mind.

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