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toki pona children's book of animal noises 

soweli li mu
soweli li mu
soweli li mu
soweli li mu
akesi li mu pi akesi
soweli li mu

NFTs are basically when you put a bitcoin into one of those machines you have at tourist traps that turn a penny into a commemorative coin except the image on the coin is probably stolen and could be replaced by a 404 page at any moment

tech support help request solved(?) 

ok, it seems to stop happening after I deleted an album uploaded during aforementioned Redis-related breakage.

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tech support help request 

Trying to run funkwhale on my home server, but it broke after a Redis upgrade. Playing around with pip upgrades seems to have fixed it, but now loading an album page causes a worker thread to eat 3 gigs of RAM and then get killed. Any idea how to start debugging this kind of issue? (Can I tell what python code was running when the thread got killed?)

@Vierkantor tbh I'd skip gentoo bc of the channer crowd and go straight for a BSD

(of course, using Linux is just a temporary situation until my Glorious Lisp OS finally is usable in daily life!)

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starting to get worried that Arch Linux is becoming mainstream. might switch to Gentoo

Did you hear about the homotopy type theorist who dualised Coenzyme A? 

She made HoTT coCoA.

THORALF SKOLEM: these models are good, but they have... how can one say ... too many elements? there are in fact, only so many elements that can be used in the course of logic. I think I'm right in saying that, aren't I?

MATHS: this is absurd!

S: my good field of study, don't take it too hard. it's quality mathematics. there are simply too many elements. just remove a few, and it will be perfect.

MATHS: which few did you have in mind?

Hier is er eentje zonder eigennamen: Gym vzw. schrijft quad-lp kin ex-job.

(Een sportvereniging zonder winstoogmerk vult 4 langspeelplaten met beschrijvingen van de onderkaak van een ontslagen werknemer.)

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Een perfect Nederlandstalig pangram: "Zondagsplicht vj Xu Ye: wrijf Bq-km".

(Een videojockey met twee Chinese achternamen moet eens per week een internationale standaardeenheid schoonmaken.)

Actual True Dutch Law Fact: if you T-pose while on a bike with training wheels, you are allowed to go on every road (except highways), and have no maximum speed.

Ithkuil is cool, but does it have a register that you use if you're a cannibal?

"Let us [cannibals] eat him!"

Adora: All Cats Are Beautiful!!!!
Bow: Assigned cis at birth.
Catra: all cops are bastards
Glimmer: Adora 😍 Catra 😳 and Bow 🤗

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