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:adora_no: YoU, a FoOlIsH rEjEcT tHe ViRgIn ThInG i DoN't LiKe MeMe FaN

:adora_yes: Me, an enlightened wise embrace the chad thing I like meme enjoyer.

I really dislike Joe Biden, but I've never forgotten when some dipshit asked him how many genders there are and he gave the perfect answer. He said "at least three" and when asked to name them, he said "don't play games with me, kid."

Are genders finite? If not, are they countable?

A rudimentary window manager is starting to take shape! Still a couple of bugs in the "generic window" code, which seem to be related to the receive-message-and-pattern-match implementation.

Improvements, fixes and new features in: the editor, spans, compositor, pattern-matching, lists, dynamic variables, starting processes, the usb driver and memory allocation.

A good exploration of what it means that an instruction set is RISC and why it makes sense to group them together (or at least, in the late 80's):

I like the term "naive set theory" as it implies a naivete towards the horrors that await you should you progress beyond it

Hey, I want to set up a bigish storage array, where do I start? I don't actually have a desktop computer but I have a ton of SBCs I could use to make it a NAS or whatever

Boosts good

everyone makes fun of the english for having bad food while the dutch invent a gray slurry made from cow milk and sugar and call it "dropkwark"

You've heard of UTF-8 and UTF-7, maybe even of UTF-EBCDIC.

Introducing: UTF-Baudot code

alternate timeline where instead of "vibing" people say they're "wiggling"

suddenly, positivity 

have you seen this mousie!! they're so tiny and they make me so happy by just existing!!

due to a clause in my employment contract, I'd like to make clear that my interpretation of any previously mentioned gender-related studies may not necessarily coincide with those of the university, or of the wider scientific community. however, my views would coincide with theirs if they weren't being such cowards.

(of course, my gender is just a temporary situation until my Glorious Lisp OS-powered Robot Body finally is usable in daily life!)

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