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nonsense, medieval warfare 

Strategy game idea: sword lesbians are countered by crossbow enbies. Crossbow enbies are countered by horse kinnies. Horse kinnies are countered by polearm gays. Polearm gays are countered by sword lesbians

thinking back to a chat with friends where i realized i could never be a woman, because (a) i don't really feel like being a woman and (b) not being a woman means i gain access to clothes with pockets

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my gender presentation: i will wear anything, as long as it has pockets


fun zoology nugget of knowledge for today:

cheetahs can purr and meow, but they can't roar because they lack the necessary elongated larynx and specially-adapted hyoid apparatus (the bone that aids in tongue movements and swallowing) that tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards have.

to be honest all you need to remember from this is that cheetah noises are very cute.

* Use truncate to cut the file down to 16 GiB
* Using fdisk or gdisk, fix the missing backup GPT table
* Run partprobe followed by fsck again just to be sure
* dd everything to the sd card and boot the nezha

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Managed to install the 32 GB image onto a 16 GB SD card! Here's how I did it (watch out: don't do these commands without being very sure what they do, or they will travel in time and delete your un-backupped thesis right before you submit it!)

* Use losetup to mount the image; partprobe to find all partitions
* Open with (g)parted, shrink and move partitions to the left half of the card. fsck partition 5 for good measure

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On this non-binary pride day, please take a moment to check your computer for any binary packages you may have installed and remove them

out of pure curiosity:

@haskal ... it's source code only..... none binary............


closeted catgirls are stored in the bottom drawer


As soon as I learned that Richard Branson has not crossed the Kármán line and therefore has not actually entered outer space, I had thoughts that are described perfectly by this couple of tweets:

update: still working on the new calling convention where stack frames are just garbage collected objects. things are starting to come together: there are type errors everywhere, but at least they are arriving at the debugger process!

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