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people should stop referring to connectors as "male" and "female" and just call them "dick" and "pussy".

I'm a believer that you can program anything in any language, but often there is a "best tool for the job," and also there is a "most interesting tool for the job," and they're often not equal

Data: I cannot be sad, because I am an android. I do not have feelings. *looks forlorn out the window*

overthrowing western imperialism (fixing the way a coauthor's name gets abbreviated)


gonna replace "dangling pointer" with "cringe pointer"

a use after free is a cringe moment

Blijkbaar heet de nieuwe stem van de NS Karin van As, ook bekend van Winx Club en de douze points van het Songfestival dit jaar

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Hebben ze Tuffie nou vervangen met de dame van Schiphol? Mijn metrum is helemaal verstoord :(

Preliminary dump of the voice data from a McDonnell-Douglas H05A0035-10 Central Aural Warning System. I believe first flown on the DC-9.

Voice data was stored on three 256Kx8 EPROMs. I traced out a schematic of the voice board and dumped them in-circuit, so there was no need to try and desolder the chips from the heavily conformal coated multilayer board.

call/cc? i have anxiety, i prefer texting/cc

man, they really don't sleep on the beach anymore, huh

according to my spam folder, i have 8 doctorates and 2 professorships already 🎉

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i have received my 8th honorary doctorate in the spam folder! it was awarded "In recognition to your valuable contribution to the field of “Robotics and Computer Science ”", and came along an invitation for "Dr.Anne Baanen" to speak at the "Conference on Robocomp" in the year "-2021"

Six easy and simple rules for good web design 

-NO popups
-NO banners
-NO bars that scroll with you
-NO panels that appear or disappear depending on which direction you're scrolling
-NO misleading cookie consent dialogs
-NO tracking

The existence of draft horses strongly implies the existence of Final FINAL rev1 (copy) (backup) FINAL3 dot horses.

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