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BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, police are warning parents to LOOK at your child’s candy before they eat it. Some houses are reportedly handing out Amber bear amulets of neolithic hunters, 1700-650 BCE, found in Slupsk, Poland

re: movie review: SPECTRE 

is there an anglosaxon equivalent to the dutch legal term "noodweerexces"? basically, "noodweer" means self-defense that is proportional to the attack, while "noodweerexces" means an excess in proportionality (fighting back longer or harder than is strictly needed), which is non-culpable due to the emotional circumstances brought on by the attack.

i.e. what mr bond has been doing in this entire movie

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movie review: SPECTRE 

14 on the SCUM scale:
Smarm: 2, a bit of sarcasm, no post-mortem one-liners.
Cultural insensitivity: 3, because every single scene in Mexico, even with indoor lighting, has this yellow mist that movies set in Mexico inexplicably must have.
Unprovoked violence: 5, the plot is: Bond decides to hunt the friends of someone he dislikes. (The actual killings are self defense though.)
Misogyny: 4, mostly for the exchange "Stop looking at me!" "No, you stop being so attractive."

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movie review: SPECTRE 

This movie feels like the script writers made a list of all the cool stuff they thought they could fit in a Bond movie, then later on tried to figure out how to fit them into a story.

Wasn't Bond supposed to be this smooth upper-class secret agent bringing British civilization to the world? Not just a guy who is good at shooting people?

I had no idea at the start why Bond wanted to shoot the bad guy, and had very little idea why at the end.

my roommate:
"use 'they' with the frequency you would use a direct proof, 'he' with the frequency you would use proof by contradiction, and 'she' with the frequency you would use a contrapositive"
me: "i'm an intuitionist"
they: "well you get the point"

I am made of matter that dies and decays and is recycled later, in plants and other creatures, including eventually wolves. I am a werewolf, I'm just taking the scenic route.

My house isn't messy it's simply environmental storytelling

You, sobbing: you can’t just call every piece of writable media a PROM
Me, pointing at a piece of paper: PROM

@Vierkantor they should make a federation protocol. so the sites can date eachother. let the dating sites kiss.

so if I understand this tv ad correctly, they are selling to people who want a dating site for starting extramarital affairs, a site for finding a dating site.

a dating site dating site.

how is the market for this big enough that they can pay for tv ads?!

Now, hold on, to be fair to this ridiculous headline, if they have a seat at the United Nations I think that means we can declare war on them.


Leuke uitdrukking voor vandaag: "Facebook is naar zijn grootje" = "Facebook is helemaal kapot".

Literally: "Facebook has gone to his granny."

Dutch language learning 

ik ben
j🥚 bent
u bent
h🥚/z🥚/het is
w🥚 z🥚n
jullie z🥚n
z🥚 z🥚n

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