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**Winkelstraat Goes ontruimd vanwege stinkend tropisch fruit**

"Een winkelstraat in Goes is vanmiddag kort ontruimd geweest vanwege een verdacht en stinkend pakketje dat was afgeleverd bij een Primera. De stank was zo erg dat de brandweer eraan te pas moest komen, meldt Omroep Zeeland.
Na het openmaken van het pakketje bleek er een doerian in te zitten. Dat is een tropische vrucht die bekendstaat om een…"

#nieuws #bot


dutch people are so bad at social distancing. i'm learning to sew just so i can make a hoop skirt of 1.5m radius

When enbies with it/its pronouns publically step into a train, they turn it into public trans it


@cadadr back in the day when internet memes were being shared in the form of powerpoint presentations, there was one going around suggesting a bunch of simplifications and spelling reforms for German. Long vowels would always be doubled, some letters would be removed altogether, trigraphs would be simplified and so on. And then the end result they arrived at turned out to be Dutch

romantic line for computer engineers (?) 

You are my 2's complement.

@Vierkantor think it'd be cool if hordian was this soft, sing-song type of language while the, uh, monarchic?? language(s ??) would be harsh and monotone. Not just as a "subverting expectations" kind of thing, I think it also works better with how Glimmer's palace seems to be this hierarchically organized "royalty shouting orders at their subordinates" type of place while when you get a scene in the horde that isn't hordak vibing in his lab (which is like 80% of them I feel like) it's those kids fraternizing in their bunks.

alternatively, Glimmer speaks quite passable Hordian but refuses to do so because she hates her teacher

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she-ra au fanfic where everything's the same except Adora and Catra only know how to speak Hordian and Glimmer refuses to speak the language of the enemy

i like computers
i think they're neat actually,

now, what people decided to do with computers, that's a different thing

*tech voice*
There should be seven thousand programming language but only one natural language.

bad conlang idea: a chain shift causing all diphthongs to switch start and end sound. this causes speakers of this conlang to always misspell foreign diphthongs.

oh wait, i just reinvented english again.

@Vierkantor Why do they call it Lower Saxony when you call the Saxony of colonized Saxony-Anhalt the Old Saxony

why do they call it Hannover when you Han over the Prince of Calenberg Han under Queen Victoria lose the Electorate?

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