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@Vierkantor Making and required reading for all webbed site creators. Safest thing is just an unrestricted text box I guess

"Acknowledgements | The authors acknowledge unprecedented circumstances of at home lockdown
due to COVID-19 outbreak."

I am once again asking for people to stop representing languages with national flags

Looks like Youtube clickmongers have decided that "[programming language feature] is bad, never use it" is a winning formula. And the worst of it is, they're not even phrasing it as "[programming language feature] Considered Harmful".

Stel, je moet een herkansingsexamen maken maar je vergist je in de zaal en je loopt aanvankelijk een college over homotopietypetheorie binnen. Gelukkig vertellen ze waar je wel heen moet. Word je dan... 

van HoTT naar her gestuurd?


at least I'm lucky enough to have a street name without numbers. I can't imagine what happens to the post addressed to streets like "24 Oktoberplein"

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the address that should appear on mail addressed to me:
building-name room-in-building
street-name street-number
postal-code city

the address the page asks me to confirm:
building-name room-in-building, street-number street-name
citty postal-code country

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love too enter separate address components into a web form, the next page asking "ensure the following details are entirely correct", and then showing some random permutation of the address. just give me fields for "address lines 1-4"!

Let me give you a link to a video of Sir David Attenborough trying to get a bit of video involving a bird of paradise recorded, with the bird interrupting him. There is a complete transcript bwlow the video:

#nature #birds #captions

if ur ever asked in a job interview what your greatest learning experience was you can just be like "i realised what my gender is" it's SO easy

One could argue that a toast hawaii is a pizza since it contains pineapple, which is a traditional pizza topping.

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