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wish i could fediblock mosquitos that are still entering my bedroom somehow?!

what if 👉👈 we kissed 🥺 and we were both UNDONE REHEARSAL 😳

Hey so,, I'm kinda screwed? I need to cover tuition fees and rent for my university that I'm starting (Amsterdam) and I cannot get any kind of support, my family def doesn't support me, and I'm broke. Trying to reach out to every possible org that can help me. Until then, if you have spare change, it would make a huge difference to me. Please boost if you can!
Sorry it's all crypto. Turning 18 soon but can't open a bank account until then.


BUSD (BEP20): 0x8ffb1547bc7354b8dcedbf18a5f7d6ae66ae053a

ETH (ERC20): 0x8ffb1547bc7354b8dcedbf18a5f7d6ae66ae053a

if you can in something else please dm me, tysm!!!
if you're from the netherlands and can help in some other way please also contact me tyyy <3

With C you can thank the Lisp machines for making a lot of address arithmetic undefined behavior

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"Werewolf"? Don't you mean "Millennial Among Us"?

🟦 Fast Software
⬛ we make software
⬛ cloud subscription plese

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🟦 Social Media
⬛ Discover new experiences here
⬛ Made with 💓 in California

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How long would it take for some form of life to evolve to "eat" electricity (e.g. through coupling onto high voltage wires)? We already have bacteria that eat plastic and fungi that eat radiation, and electricity seems to be a much more direct power source.

@iitalics etching shapes into sand and then infusing them with lightning causes an array of crystals to glow. the pattern that the crystals glows in tells me what the weather will be for the next week

Guess it really it is time to call it "Microsoft Github", then?

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In this document the words "SUS", "BAKA", "EMERGENCY", and "VENT" are to be interpreted as described in RFC--

POLL :boost_ok: for people SOUTH of the equator only, see next post if you are north of the equator.

Today (the solstice) is, according to your jurisdiction:

POLL :boost_ok: for people NORTH of the equator only, see next post if you are south of the equator.

Today (the solstice) is, according to your jurisdiction:

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@vriska I agree so much. Mixed gender sports would give women (cis and trans) the attention they deserve.

For example, in Germany, few people at all care about women's soccer, while the men's league is very popular. If the league was mixed, women could get a spot in the popular part of the league too.

Also, in non-competitive sports, slight biological advantage doesn't matter anyway, because you're playing for fun and not for victory.


Hey. Psst. Let me tell you a thing. It is the most valuable thing I have ever learned and should not be underestimated, but it's also easy to do, and you can do it too.

It's the single most important thing I have ever done on this earth and it is incalculable in how impactful it has been to both my life, and to the lives of those around me.

So listen up.

i was today years old when i realized that the name Ivan and all other slavic variants of it are the orthodox versions John

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