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Announcement: Workshop on Formalization of Cohomology Theories 

We're excited to announce the workshop "Formalization of cohomology theories", taking place May 21 - 26, 2023 at the Juniper hotel in Banff, Canada, hosted by BIRS.

The workshop webpage is available at this URL:

Mathematicians and computer scientists have been collaborating for years to build libraries of mathematical definitions and proofs that can be understood and checked by computers. These formalization efforts have now progressed to cover a substantial portion of an undergraduate and graduate-level mathematics education, with the aspiration to one day include all the ingredients that a modern mathematician needs for their research.

If you have any questions, or would like to express your interest in participating in this workshop, please contact one of the organizers. See also:

Wait if you have a split keyboard and put your mouse between the two halves are you making a keyboard sandwich?

The GitHub search experience:

1. Enter a search term
2. Take note of the 5 results
3. Click Search button again
4. Take note of completely different results
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you're satisfied with the results

Yes, yes, search engines are hard, but this is embarrassing.

oops sorry, the WFH rant continues! 

Some random HR dude: you know, numpads are like the tall burgers of keyboards

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also also you can get the company to pay for your keyboard and headphones and so on, if you're willing to spend about 8 months waiting for them to arrive.

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also the office is bring-your-own-devices, as in put a keyboard in your backpack when you come over. open plan baybee!

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(apparently they said nothing about how to integrate actual ergonomic measures as prescribed by her doctor.)

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efficiency is when you spend €1500 in wages per employee on teaching them that numpads are evil

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like they decided recently that everyone who wants to work from home more than 25% of the time has to have a working conditions inspection and they invented a huge list of conditions that they will inspect. so now they have like a week-long course for employees to follow???

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so apparently my wife's work has decided that, if she works from home, keyboards with numpads are too wide for her because ergonomically you're supposed to have your arms straight and then the mouse doesn't fit next to it??

also, just to be absolutely crystal fucking clear, this is not me telling you it's okay to harass people. the point is not that "we" should punish people who don't conform to "our" moral standards.

this is for you to think about. if you work in tech, if you're an engineer or a project manager, take some fucking responsibility for your actions. that's all.

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ana mardoll, talking about the larger situation 

i want to make it entirely and completely clear that doxing someone because you don't like their takes on twitter, which appears to be what happened in this case, is bad

similarly, it's important to look at the provenance of information and, as a default, hold a great deal of solidarity with people who are being harassed by noted transphobic proxy murder site KF

in addition, people are using this scenario to, quite simply, be transphobic and specifically anti-transmasculine. it's disgusting and horrible and they need to stop.

however. there are a few things that will make me break solidarity with someone and one of those is working for a fucking defense contractor beyond the point at which one could choose not to do so without catastrophe.

@dragon u could also try "matt smith implies the existence of glossy knight"
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Anne Baanen, aggressive mechanizer's choices:


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