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the Hans from Stuttgart to Trans from Stuttgart pipeline

After discussing with kid my plans for the goth orchid, she said, "have you seen the goth mushroom? it's very goth too, also there's a pink one and people ship them"

@efi during this cups install i learned there's some hell-protocol called HTTP over USB

Travelling is cool and all, I just wish my brain didn't go "Tired of sitting in Bad Chair. Can't wait to go home and sit in Good Chair."

the secret to chess is hating your pawns. and the horsies. and those castle bits. just really disrespecting all the plastic nonsense on your half of the board.

C++17 removed trigraphs. Now I call upon Germany to do its part, and remove sch from the language.

Pinyin: "Watch as I efficiently utilise every letter in the English alphabet to represent the complex sounds of Mandarin Chinese!"

Pinyin: "Hmm, I still have a few consonants to go... Digraphs it is!"

Pinyin: "Ah crap, I still need one more vowel. Oh well, here comes ü!"

normal country in drought: the falling water level exposes shipwrecks
netherlands in drought: the falling water level exposes bike wrecks

There's something about it that looks possessive to me. Like I'm taking the L's what? What of the L am I taking? How dare I thieve from this poor lonely letter

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yeah, you *could* try to dox me by scrolling through my masto feed. but i'd have transed your gender before you were even 10% of the way through, so i don't imagine you'd be very successful. though by all means, go ahead and try

fediverse blessing 

May you discover, and not be discovered as, a type of guy

I just figured how to make techbros do names properly. Ahem.

"This name is deprecated! Yeah, yeah, it's totally legacy. It's bad opsec. Ohh, no, this name is *so* 2021, you shouldn't do that."

trainspol subtoot 

@tranarchist inspired by this toot i went to look some historical rail networks and learned that less than a century ago in belgium there were almost 5000 km interurban tram tracks — more than actual railways.

there are provincial maps at the bottom of the wikipedia page, which give you a rough idea how even small rural villages were served by rail.

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