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Good equinox friends, may this autumn be cozy and nourishing 🧡

the phrase "can't get a word in edgewise" implies that words are flat, three-dimensional objects

invidious user voice 

the default frontend to is so unusable. I use an extension to redirect it to sci-hub instead

literal quote from Haskell bytestring package documentation 

@cadxdr @Vierkantor Haskell in the Nutshell monad.

literal quote from Haskell bytestring package documentation 

Deprecated and unmentionable

accursedUnutterablePerformIO :: IO a -> a

This "function" has a superficial similarity to unsafePerformIO but it is in fact a malevolent agent of chaos. It unpicks the seams of reality (and the IO monad) so that the normal rules no longer apply. It lulls you into thinking it is reasonable, but when you are not looking it stabs you in the back and aliases all of your mutable buffers. The carcass of many a seasoned Haskell programmer lie strewn at its feet.

Witness the trail of destruction:

Do not talk about "safe"! You do not know what is safe!

Yield not to its blasphemous call! Flee traveller! Flee or you will be corrupted and devoured!

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the three most exciting words in the world 

definitional structure eta

my bank should give me 1/x interest x times a year, where x → ∞

"normal people" when i tell them about the cross product

gonna run a scam where you pay me €1000 now and I will give you an infinite amount of money in return:
€1 the first day, 1/2 euro the next day, 1/3 euro the day after, then 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, ...

small correction to the caption 

@alex @Vierkantor Boa!

(As in, "well done" in Portuguese, but also the snake species from South America (which is definitely not the one depicted haha))

My sister is wants to start a cafe in Groningen (in the North of the Netherlands) owned and run by Deaf people.

Mostly because something like this didn't exist yet, because she would have loved to work in a place like this when she was younger, and because we can do with more Deaf representation.

She is doing crowdfunding for it now here (Dutch language):

:boost_ok: 💓 ​

she-ra spoiler-adjacent 

@Vierkantor Catra would try her best to not act concerned about the name

Perfuma would think it's sweet

putting your phone on airplane mode is like a modern day warding ritual

Ierland, land van Bieren, Dieren, Eieren, Gieren, Kieren, Lieren, Mieren, Nieren, Pieren, Wieren en Zieren. Waar men altijd staat te Sieren, Tieren en Vieren.

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Anne Baanen, aggressive mechanizer's choices:


Mastodon is a server for a federated social network: everyone can run a server if they want to, including me. So this is a Mastodon server for me (Vierkantor) and my friends.