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Implemented a debugger process: whenever a process encounters an unhandled condition, it asks the debugger what to do. In this case, the debugger says "pop up a window describing the issue, then stop running."

it would also be very cool to have a system-wide undo key, which would go well with option 1

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when you press the keyboard shortcut to close a window, it should

it's only calculation when your computer is made of limestone. otherwise it's just sparkling reckoning.

alternate universe where romance languages used "silex" instead of "calx" to refer to the little stones you use to count, replacing the incorrect phrase "computer calculation" with the correct phrase "computer silication"

"Jair Bolsonaro" sounds like someone forgetting how to say "Boris Johnson"

If there was a billionaire in space and we didn't let him land until everyone has food and shelter would that be fucked up or what?

Cool prank to play on your boss:

seize their belongings and forcibly redistribute their wealth to people who need it

cowsay <<<"Happy $((2**5))nd Birthday BASH shell" | lolcat -F 1 # /bin/bash turns 32 today. #bash #unix #linux

Next step is probably to improve the default (and as of now, only) error handler, changing it from, essentially, `(fn (condition) (kernel:panic!))' to something that pops up a window without bringing down the entire system.

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(The editor doesn't yet know about capital letters so I used the `[]' keys for inserting parentheses, the `;' key for writing a `:', and wrote out `plus' instead of typing `+'.)

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Hooked up process spawning, window management and `eval' to the editor, now you can do a bit of computation 🎉

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my new intrusive thought that I've been getting a lot of mileage out of is replacing "ah" sounds in the middle of words with "of". Been thinking a lot lately about "mozz of rella"

Fixed some more issues with pattern-matching and a couple miscalculations in the window manager. Now you can open a window in code, and move it around using keyboard shortcuts!

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If programs keep crashing, why not just remove the crash functionality from the programming language?

One can imagine a Star Fleet officer judiciously refraining from interfering in the natural development of the impressionable, even fragile culture of a world which knows only up to Mambo #4.

attempt at forming German names of the form "<cool noun><cool noun>" 



germanic names are all of the form "<cool noun><cool noun>" or "<cool noun>o" and celtic names are all of the form "Bald"/"Weirdnose"/"Mudhill"

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