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The problem with MacOS is that the hardware support is just so bad. I couldn't get it to run on *any* of my Raspberry Pis no matter how many proprietary drivers I tried to install from random sites on the internet.

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it's only Romeo and Juliet if it's from the Verona region of Italy. otherwise it's just sparkling Pyramus and Thisbe

a style guide is a workaround for the bug of having forgotten to make a structural editor

reading about mastodon for the first time, sees the word "toot": haha. farts

been on mastodon for a year, sees the word "toot": haha. communism

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this whole process is quite complicated because the kernel can't allocate during IRQs. so we preallocate a ring buffer per UART, and fill it up as data comes in, then deblock the driver process. implementing the buffers so they can be written from one thread and read from another is quite tricky!

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this evening I spent a bit of time doing , trying to hook up the IRQ system to the UART driver in userspace, so it can read the data received when it arrives. it's nice to do some low-level work after a couple of months of high-level programming!

You can't have two impredicative universes. You can't have Type: Type. You can't have impredicative strong pairs. You can't have large elimination of an impredicative universe. You can't have positive datatypes when you have an impredicative universe. You can't this, you can't that. When will it end?

bad conlang idea: a language where the word for "military alliance" analyses as the augmentative form of "polycule"

HOFMANN: this axiom is good, but it has... how can one say ... not enough identity proofs? there are in fact, many ways one can identify a term with another. I think I'm right in saying that, aren't I?

STREICHER: this is absurd!

HOFMANN: my good man, don't take it too hard. it's quality maths. there are simply not enough proofs. just add a few, and it will be perfect.

STREICHER: which few did you have in mind?

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source: this reddit post:
I think the username matches someone on the fediverse I've seen before, but I can't find them using the search engine. Happy to boost their post instead of course.

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